Treasure Coast Paranormal Society Inc.

The Treasure Coast Paranormal Society Inc. (T.C.P.S.) was founded in 2013 by a group of individuals with the passion and drive into discovering the truth of anything.

Yes, we are very interested in the truth beyond our lives.

The T.C.P.S. team is dedicated into helping the public to discover the truth, weather it may be paranormal or not.

The T.C.P.S. team is structured around the scientific proof of the paranormal. Most cases science can explain that many people relate to the paranormal such as random bouts of: dissolution’s, skin irritations, nausea, headaches and the feeling of being watched or not alone.

However, there are things that we cannot explain.

Rest assure, although we seek solid proof we do certainly believe in the existence of the paranormal.


Providing the public with a FREE outstanding thorough service to give you peace of mind in your everyday life. To explain the unexplained and to keep you and your family/friends/co-workers with an environment where you can feel safe. To teach those about the paranormal and to provide you with ways to resolve your worries. To scientifically and without bias study, experiment and collect evidence to prove or disprove the existence of the paranormal, specifically surrounding ghosts or spirits. To help provide support to our clients health and mental-well being.