Share Your Paranormal Experience

Hello Paranormal Enthusiasts!

Share your experiences with the world! 

Together we will – “Explain the Unexplained”

95 thoughts on “Share Your Paranormal Experience

  1. As the Founder and President of Treasure Coast Paranormal Society Inc. I have always had the passion to learn the truth of the paranormal. I have always been intrigued by shows, movies and my own personal experiences. As a young boy, I had experiences of seeing what we would describe as “shadow people” all the time but was not able to fully explain it. Now with the resources and investigating I can tell you I certainly believe in the paranormal with the things I have seen. I have seen doors open and close by themselves, I have heard and recorded voices of people who were not even in a room or building.

    In the end it is always a persons word of experience that many people may or may not believe because they need their own proof.

    With T.C.P.S. we are attempting to collect as much scientific proof in relation to the paranormal. Collecting video, audio and other various evidence and analyzing that evidence will someday provide proof into the existence of ghosts/spirits.

    However, in most cases things can be explained by how the elements around us effect us everyday such as: Microwaves, radio waves, electromagnetic and magnetic fields. Our bodies are made up of energy and other forms of energy can sometimes easily effect our mental and physical health. This is where the T.C.P.S. team steps in.

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